Age-friendly envir­on­ments

The focus area of age-friendly envir­on­ments exam­ines and devel­ops age-friendly living envir­on­ments in North Kare­lia. Age-friendly envir­on­ments are under­stood in a broad sense as indi­vidu­als’, com­munit­ies’ and society’s resources and con­texts that pro­mote active ageing. Inter­est­ing themes related to devel­op­ing age-friendly envir­on­ments include the social, cul­tur­al and con­tex­tu­al links between ageing, older people’s exper­i­ences and intergen­er­a­tion­al con­nec­tions. 

Rather than being lim­ited to built or nat­ur­al envir­on­ments, res­id­en­tial areas or phys­ic­al factors that define living envir­on­ments, age-friendly envir­on­ments describe inter­ac­tion and dia­logue between dif­fer­ent actors and sec­tors. Devel­op­ment ideas related to age-friendly envir­on­ments are dis­cussed and con­sidered in Kare­lia UAS Centre for Age-Friendly Soci­ety (KAFS). If you are inter­ested in age-friendly envir­on­ments or you have a devel­op­ment pro­pos­al related to this theme that has emerged in your daily life or a work con­text, it can be examined in KAFS.  


Age-friendly and Memory-friendly Living Envir­on­ments. Older People in North Kare­lia Want to Have a Voice. Kukkon­en, Tuula (ed.) 2023. Kare­lia Uni­ver­sity of Applied Sci­ences.

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