Age-friendly work­ing life

Age-friendly work­ing life involves many inter­est­ing and also chal­len­ging ques­tions and points of view. This theme can, for example, be examined from the employee’s, employer’s or workplace’s view­point. What, from the employ­ee’s view­point, is age-friendly work­ing life like, one in which you can and will con­tin­ue until retire­ment age or even beyond? What kind of man­age­ment is needed in age-friendly work­ing life?  How can older work­ers’ well-being and com­pet­ence be safe­guarded amidst trans­form­a­tions of work­ing life, includ­ing digit­al­isa­tion? 

These are some of the themes we dis­cuss in this sec­tion, which also describes the exper­i­ments and devel­op­ment pro­jects related to them. The aim is that we can togeth­er find solu­tions for devel­op­ing age-friendly work­ing life and respond­ing to such chal­lenges as the attrac­tion of work­ing life and employ­ee reten­tion. Join in on the dis­cus­sion! 


Koti­hoidon työn­tekijät omaa työtään tuun­aamassa – ikäys­täväl­lisyys on kaikki­en juttu. Franssila & Hyp­pön­en 2022 (‘Job craft­ing by home care work­ers – age friend­li­ness belongs to every­one’).   

Kohti ikäys­täväl­listä työelämää (Hyp­pön­en & Franssila 2021) (‘Towards age-friendly work­ing life’) 

Kehitys ja kas­vamin­en kuuluvat elämään ja työhön – oppimisteori­at ovat avuksi myös käytän­nössä. Hyp­pön­en 2022 (‘Growth and devel­op­ment are part of life and work – prac­tic­al sup­port from learn­ing the­or­ies’).